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AI Can Write Disinformation Now—and Dupe Human Readers

One major concern about GPT-3 and mature generative AI systems is their ability to create images, text, and other forms of information that may conceivably been created by humans. Generated media could be used to mislead people, impact national politics, and have a number of other negative consequences. A group of researchers at Georgetown found that these concerns aren't just theoretical: the researchers used GPT-3 to generate various sorts of misinformation and found that, with some human curation, GPT-3 was quite effective at promoting falsehoods.

OpenAI launches $100 million startup fund with Microsoft

On May 26, OpenAI launched the OpenAI Startup Fund. Managed by OpenAI with investment from Microsoft and other partners, the $100 million fund aims to "help AI companies have a profound, positive impact on the world." According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the fund will make "big, early bets" on very few companies. In particular, it looks to partner with early-stage startups in areas where AI can have a "transformative" effect. Such fields include healthcare, climate change, and personal assistance.


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