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DeepMind scientist calls for ethical AI as Google faces ongoing backlash

After a number of departures from its Ethical AI team, Google has faced significant backlash for its perceived lack of commitment to AI ethics and diversity. As Google has faced criticism from within and without, another prominent voice entered the conversation when Raia Hadsell, research scientist at Google DeepMind, gave a talk where the argued that "responsible AI is a job for all." While Hadsell touched on the role of interdisciplinary work during the talk, she stated her focus on what researchers and scientists can do to build responsible, and detailed some of the resistance she's met.

LinkedIn’s job-matching AI was biased. The company’s solution? More AI.

Sites like LinkedIn use algorithms to match candidates with job opportunities--a few years ago, LinkedIn found its recommendation algorithms produced bias results. In particular, those algorithms ranked candidates on the basis of how likely they were to apply for a position or respond to a recruiter. This resulted in men being more frequently referred to open roles because of their higher aggressiveness in seeking opportunities on average. How did LinkedIn attempt to fix the problem? By building another AI system to counteract the bias in the first. This second algorithm ensures that before referring matches curated by the original engine, the recommendation system includes a representative distribution of users across gender.


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