🤖 Skynet This Week #7: OpenAI’s big loss, DeekFake dancing, AI drawing, and more!

Skynet This Week #7
By Andrey Kurenkov and Viraat Aryabumi

Skynet This Week #7

Our bi-weekly quick take on a bunch of the most important recent media stories about AI for the period 08/13/18 - 08/27/18.

Advances & Business

OpenAI Five at The International

Katyanna Quach, The Register

A good summary of the match between OpenAI Five, a Dota bot and a top 20 professional team that took place at The International competition this past week.

Latest Deepfake Tech Will Have You Dancing Like Bruno Mars

Michael Kan, PC Mag

Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a system that is able to transfer the pose and motion from one person to another. A fun application of this is to render images of anyone performing the dance moves of a ballet dancer or Bruno Mars.

A Waymo engineer told us why a virtual-world simulation is crucial to the future of self-driving cars

Matthew DeBord, Business Insider

While testing in the real world is very important to validate Self-Driving technology, a lot more training and testing happens in a simulated world. Business Insider takes an inside look into how one engineer’s 20% project became Carcraft, Waymo’s simulated world where the company’s cars rack up 8 million miles everyday.

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