Last Week in AI #90

Impacts of AI systems' decisions, future of deep learning, and more!

Mini Briefs

Who am I to decide when algorithms should make important decisions?

As more AI systems are being used in production systems and making decisions that impact our daily lives, it’s important to start incorporating the voices of the people that these decisions directly impact. The grocery platform Shipt recently implemented a new algorithm that automatically determines workers’ schedules and wages. Many workers complained about reduced wages as well as unpredictable scheduling. The decision about whether or not AI-powered decision systems are used is solely determined by corporations or government institutions, where the primary benefactors are themselves. Furthermore, claims of “fairness” and transparency are often unsubstantiated and presented without evidence or verification. The article explores the voices and perspectives of people directly impacted by AI systems and advocates for the inclusion of these people into discussions about the appropriate use of AI.

AI pioneer Geoff Hinton: “Deep learning is going to be able to do everything”

Geoffrey Hinton, a Turing Award Winner and an AI Pioneer, believes that deep learning will be sufficient to achieve AGI (artificial general intelligence). In his interview with MIT Technology Review, Hinton states that while key conceptual breakthroughs are necessary (e.g., new architectures similar to transformers in NLP), bridging these conceptual gaps and scaling up existing architectures and data should be sufficient to achieve the goals of AI research.

It’s worth noting that this opinion might not be shared by everyone working in AI. However, having worked on neural networks before they became popular, Hinton comments on his track record of contrarian views:

Well, my problem is I have these contrarian views and then five years later, they’re mainstream. Most of my contrarian views from the 1980s are now kind of broadly accepted. It’s quite hard now to find people who disagree with them.


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