NY's moratorium on facial recognition, a false arrest because of facial recognition, and more!

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New York suspends facial recognition use in schools

As technologies like facial recognition have shown how AI has already become a major part of our everyday lives, a frequent criticism of governments and policymakers is that legislation is far behind technology. Countries like the UK have sought to remedy this lag by instituting new regulations and laws surrounding digital privacy and facial recognition, and the US is taking steps to enact its own. On Tuesday, New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed a 2-year moratorium on the use of facial recognition in K-12 schools. The New York legislature will also meet in its next session to study facial recognition technologies and related concerns.

A Black man spent 10 days in jail after he was misidentified by facial recognition, a new lawsuit claims

Nijeet Park, a 33-year old man from New Jersey, was arrested by police and jailed for over a week in 2019 after being misidentified by a facial recognition algorithm. Despite never having been to Woodbridge, NJ, the scene of a shoplifting incident, Park was identified as the culprit, then interrogated and arrested by police. Parks' attorney says that the police's only evidence for prosecuting Park was based on facial recognition technology. Park successfully had his charges dismissed and is now suing the New Jersey police department for excessive force, false imprisonment, and cruel and unusual punishment leading to physical and emotional suffering.


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