Facial recognition at the Capitol, National AI Initiative Office, and more!

Last Week in AI #99

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Use of Clearview AI facial recognition tech spiked as law enforcement seeks to identify Capitol mob

January 6, 2021 has already become a date that will be remembered for years to come. Following the attack on the US Capitol by a mob of pro-Trump rioters, police have been searching for culprits. As facial recognition has become a widely used tool in law enforcement recently, Clearview AI found its use by police spike by 26 percent the day after the attack. Clearview AI's technology remains controversial for its privacy implications and the potential for disparate impacts on different populations, and police use of facial recognition has already been linked to multiple cases of false arrest. While those involved in the attack should certainly face consequences, continued use of facial recognition in law enforcement remains concerning.

National AI Initiative Office launched by White House

On Tuesday, January 12, the White House established the National AI Initiative Office that will implement a national AI strategy, coordinating AI research and policymaking across government, industry, and academia. The Office was established in accordance with the National AI Initiative Act of 2020 and with the goal of serving as a hub for national AI research and policy. The law also codified the American AI initiative that will increase research investment, increase access to compute, and set technical standards, among other things. The Act also expands a committee on AI and codifies the national AI research institutes, along with a national strategic R&D plan.


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