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Jacky has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. He works on giving robots the ability to learn from experience and adapt to new tasks and scenarios. Jacky writes about AI and robotics for Last Week in AI and Skynet Today.
Trisha is a Sr. Computer Vision Research Engineer at Dolby Laboratories. She finished her PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park in 2023. Trisha writes about AI and robotics for Last Week in AI and Skynet Today.
Former AI researcher (PhD from Stanford), current AI builder. Co-founder of The Gradient, Last Week in AI, and Stories by AI. Writer, photographer, youtuber, podcaster, dilettante.
"Monsieur, I absolutely cannot tell you if it has been raining. I live so resolutely beyond physical contingencies that my senses do not bother to notify me of them." hugh kenner fanboy
AI policy analyst and writer at Skynet Today