Interested to know how you intend to cover https://www.gladstone.ai/action-plan next week?

I understand you may want to cleanly separate Jeremie's roles as CEO of an org submitting a report and LWiAI co-host, but I do enjoy how the pair of you thoughtfully cover safety issues together from what I read as somewhat distinct personal positions, so a discussion here could be great!

Whether or not you do that, I hope there will be interviews re the report elsewhere.

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Hi Anthony,

In fact, we'll have a special one-off episode just to cover this! Jeremy will lead that one and go deep into this topic.

Hope you enjoy it when it comes out (soon)!

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That's great to hear.

So... I'm pretty pdoomy myself: and my impression is that Jeremy is more so than you. I would like to say: although I'll understand if it doesn't fit plans or intended tone for an unusual one-off you may have recorded already, I'd welcome you challenging rather than sitting back too much. It would so great to hear the issues discussed thoughtfully by two insightful folk with a respectful connection. Most so-called debates have typically disappointed me - I want to hear from smart people who disagree with me, while I typically observe either no real engagement or very simple arguments, both of which read somewhat as cope. So when it comes to interesting conversation, one can end up in an echo chamber!


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Good points!

We actually had a pretty detailed discussion in our x-risk overview episode a while back: https://www.lastweekinai.com/e/aixrisk/

We could have probably gone deeper, but hopefully there is still decent substance there per your preferences

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