Skynet Today Last Week in AI News #58

Last Week in AI News #58 Subscribe for future emails here! Mini Briefs Robots vs. Covid-19 The robots are here. Not to kill us, or to save us for that matter, but to help us… sort of. With social distancing and remote working becoming the norm, robots have come in handy in various ways, including disinfecting hospitals, aiding doctors and nurses, and performing deliveries. But our current catastrophe has blown up the myth of an “AI takeover” in which human workers will be entirely replaced by such robots. Because machines are still far, far away from matching human intelligence and dexterity, robots are being used to augment humans, rather than replacing them. However, a number of roboticists, who argued their case in an editorial for Science Robotics, are optimistic that with the right amount of funding and development, advancements in medical robotics will allow robots to aid us with everything from social distancing to facilitating interaction during times of pandemic.

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