Last Week in AI - an update, a message, and a small request

Hello Last Week in AI subscribers!

We have a small update: going forward, we will change our policy from having most of our editorials be only available to paying subscribers. Instead, paying subscribers will be able to read each editorial a month prior to everyone else, after which we will remove the paywall from it. We hope our paying subscribers don’t mind, as we’d just like to allow more people to read these articles.

Also, a quick message: we’d just like to say express our gratitude to all our subscribers! We are just 3 people working in AI doing this in our spare time, and so seeing people enjoy the newsletter, podcast, and editorials is very rewarding. And, having paying subscribers has enabled us to not pay for our expenses out of our own pockets, which we appreciate a lot.

Lastly, a tiny request: we would love it if you could let us know what you like about what we do, or any feedback or suggestions you have. You can do so by commenting below, or my emailing us at We almost never hear from our readers or listeners, so it would be really cool for us if you did comment or email!