Aug 6, 2022 • 44M

LWiAI Podcast #105 - Sepsis Detection, Midjourney, Submarines, DALL-E 2 Food

AI speeds sepsis detection to prevent hundreds of deaths, novel method allows robots to learn in the wild, will AI steal submarines’ stealth, and more!

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Andrey Kurenkov
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Our 105th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!


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(00:00) Intro
(01:30) AI speeds sepsis detection to prevent hundreds of deaths
(05:05) Inside Midjourney, The Generative Art AI That Rivals DALL-E 
(09:20) OpenAI expands access to DALL-E 2, its powerful image-generating AI system
(10:30) Amazon-owned self driving firm Zoox seeks to test robotaxi in California
(12:10) Baidu unveils latest autonomous electric vehicle: Apollo RT6
(13:10) Neural Sleeve is a bionic leg wrap that uses AI to correct walking patterns 
(14:05) Novel method allows robots to learn in the wild
(18:45) Clinicians can build trust with machine learning through experience
(24:00) Machine learning identifies gun buyers at risk of suicide
(24:36)  Microsoft launches simulator to train drone AI systems
(24:50)  Open source platform enables research on privacy-preserving machine learning 
(25:17) DeepMind & UCL’s Stochastic MuZero Achieves SOTA Results in Complex Stochastic Environments
(26:15) Meet the startups using AI to help doctors fight burnout
(30:22) Will AI Steal Submarines’ Stealth?
(36:15) Absurd AI-Generated Professional Food Photography with DALL-E 2
(40:05) If A.I. Generated Book Jackets Based on Literary Titles…