Sitemap - 2021 - Last Week in AI

AI News in 2021: a Detailed Digest

Create AI art with an app, an AI-powered game platform, the year of monster AI models, better images of AI

GPT-3, Foundation Models, and AI Nationalism

Last Week in AI #148: AI art generator app, new wave of AI language startups, facial recognition persists despite bans

Last Week in AI #147: Failure to regulate 'killer robots', how TikTok reads your mind, the Transactions on Machine Learning Research

AI Best Friends, The Beatles + Machine Learning, Crime Prediction Bias, Transformer Quadraped Robot

Last Week in AI #146: How AI can improve therapists, AI restores audio and video for the Beatles documentary, US blacklists SenseTime ahead of IPO

Getting Data for Robot AI — Hard, but Possible

AI for Mathematicians, Timnit Gebru‘s New Research Center, No Ban on Killer Robots, Vertigo AI

Last Week in AI #145: DeepMind AI helps discover new math theorems, Timnit Gebru's new research center, Clearview AI warned to stop using UK data, and more!

Deciphering the Components of National Approaches to AI

Last Week in AI #144: AI helps to discover new planets, Poetry by creepy robo-artist, China backs banning its social scoring

The Inherent Limitations of GPT-3

Robots at Google Offices, AI-Powered Writing, AI Polygraph, AI Art

Chat about Teaching AI at Stanford with Abigail See

Last Week in AI #143: Google has 100+ robots in its offices, an AI lie detector, multilingual beats bilingual translations

Record High AI Funding, AfriBERTa, Facial Recognition in the West Bank, Tesla FSD Beta Crash, AI for Stressed Dogs

Futuristic Hardware for Intelligent Robots

Last Week in AI #142: Tesla FSD crash, French AI strategy, CMU opens AI maker space, and more!

AI Governance in the US - so much more than R&D

Facebook Shuts Down Facial Recognition, Google Wants to Work with the Pentagon, AI for Lie Detection?

Last Week in AI #141: AI understands whale speech, Facebook shuts down face recognition system, AI in US national security

GPT-3 is No Longer the Only Game in Town

AI for Game Mods and Moderation, Tesla‘s Beta Rollback, Clearview AI Tested, ruDALL-E

Last Week in AI #140: Adobe's Deepfake tool, Clearview AI takes part in third-party test, how AI can help supply chains

Why we don't have Robot Butlers yet, MuJoCo, AI in Audacity, Illegal AI Porn Unblurring, Bigoted AI Ethics Model

Last Week in AI #139: DeepMind acquires MuJoCo physics simulator and releases it for free, UK schools warned over facial recognition, Google lawyers slow down internal AI research

Where are China’s Recent AI Ethics Guidelines Coming From?

Waymo's Taxi Struggles, Robot Surveillance in Singapore, AI against Human Trafficking

Last Week in AI #138: Singapore trials surveillance robots, Deepfake voice used to rob a bank, Google studies the limits of large-scale pretraining

In Favor of More Science Communication by AI Researchers

Last Week in AI #137: Intel's neuromorphic chips, Chinese AI ethics guidelines, Clearview AI's new facial recognition tools

DeepMind‘s Rain Nowcasting, OpenAI‘s Book Summarization, Distracted Tesla Drivers, Amazon‘s $1k robot

An Exciting Announcement from Last Week in AI

Last Week in AI #136: Amazon's new home robot, DeepMind AI predicts where it's going to rain, the future of AI ethics, and more!

Last Week in AI #135: FDA approves first AI-assisted cancer diagnosis, UK outlines national AI strategy

Last Week in AI #134: How AI can fight climate change, prominent Facebook misinfo AI researcher quits, AI progress through image generation, and more!

AI for climate modeling, Deepfakes are here, Boston Dynamics in a fight

Last Week in AI #133: Deepfake cyberattacks, Project Maven updates, AI's geographic concentration in the U.S.

AI for lonely people, GPT-3 is toxic, Tesla investigation develops, Kiwibot

Last Week in AI #132: High-risk AI applications, AI can't be granted patents

AI for Spreadsheets, Hospital Robots, NLP Benchmarking, AI Play

Last Week in AI #131: new AI play, gigantic neural nets, undocumented healthcare AI tools

Tesla Bot, AI Val Kilmer, DeepMind‘s Perceiver IO, Apple‘s NeuralHash

Last Week in AI #130: Tesla's new bot, 'foundation' models, the poetry of AI Art

OpenAI's Codex Update, Boston Dynamics Parkour, Twitter AI Bias

Last Week in AI #129: AI to write code, AI for nuclear fusion, and more!

Last Week in AI #128: warehouse robots, drone delivery woes, AI to tackle online harassment

Last Week in AI #127: EU and Chinese AI regulations, U.S. invests in AI research

Last Week in AI #126: New robotics company from Google, automatic code generation, AI chatbot therapists

Last Week in AI #125: AI art, AI to predict protein folding, sanctions against facial recognition

Maine's facial recognition law, hate speech detection on Tiktok, and more!

Robots (not) in search and rescue, AI influencing pop music, and more!

A digest of AI news in the first half of 2021

Ethical AI, de-biasing job-matching AI, and more!

AI to spot wildfires, human oversight of AI, and more!

AI for AI chips, AI's failure at moderating hate speech, and more!

Autonomous lethal drones used in Libya, King County bans government use of facial recognition, and more!

Disinformation, the OpenAI Startup Fund, and more!

Large Language Models at Google, Twitter forgoes image-cropping algorithms, and more!

Making AI algorithms show their work, an expansion to Google's AI Ethics research team, and more!

Self-driving car woes, hiding from facial recognition, and more!

Green neural net training, deepfake geography, and more!

New EU AI regulations, AI for spotting pollution hotspots, and more!

Google's reputation with AI researchers, EU AI regulations, and more!

U.S. AI workforce, using RL to train bipedal robots, and more!

New robot from Boston Dynamics, Deepfake Amazon workers, and more!

Another Google boycott, robots for household chores, and more!

Forced biased labeling in crowdsourced data, testing self-driving cars on past crashes, and more!

New lawsuit against Clearview AI, Facebook's addiction to spreading misinformation, and more!

AI Trends in 2020, AI algorithm to sniff out disease, and more!

An AI rebel alliance, Google fires Margaret Mitchell, and more!

AI for job interviews, development of autonomous weapons, and more!

AI-powered coronavirus screening, banning deepfake porn, and more!

AI for proposing math conjectures, building chatbots of the deceased, and more!

Crowdsourced Camera Maps, AI compute needs, and more!

AI to detect microearthquakes, concerns with AI-predicted trustworthiness, and more!

Facial recognition at the Capitol, National AI Initiative Office, and more!

AI to create images from text, how to build AI for good, and more!

NY's moratorium on facial recognition, a false arrest because of facial recognition, and more!