Sitemap - 2022 - Last Week in AI

Last Week in AI #199: Economic (dis)incentives of ChatGPT, TikTok to be more public about its algorithm, Google's response to AI chatbots, and more!

Last Week in AI #198: How GPT learns to reason, Waymo expands to all of SF, Artists can opt-out from Stable Diffusion 3, and more!

AI's Year of Text-to-Everything

Last Week in AI #197: AI for Drug Discovery, Deep Reinforcement Learning for Atom Manipulation, SF rolls back plan for killer police robots, and more!

Last Week in AI #196: OpenAI's ChatGPT takes the world of AI by storm, RealPage rent-setting under DOJ investigation, SF debates police use of lethal robots, and more!

Last Week in AI #195: Meta's AI can negotiate with and persuade people in the game of Diplomacy, how AI is used by the World Cup, AI-powered insect trap, and more!

Last Week in AI #194: Amazon's new warehouse robots, Meta takes down language model demo after 3 days, anime convention bans AI art, and more!

Last Week in AI #193: Meta lays off ML infra research team, Mythic analog AI chip startup runs out of cash, and more!

Robots That Write Their Own Code

Last Week in AI #192: Meta predicts shape of 600 million proteins, a teacher allows AI tools in exams, Twitter fires AI ethics team, and more!

Last Week in AI #191: Argo self-driving shuts down, TSMC suspends work with Chinese chip startup, Shutterstock to sell AI-generated images, and more!

Last Week in AI #190: Meta AI to translate speech, FedEx abandons last-mile delivery robots, overhyped medicine AI, and more!

Last Week in AI #189: State of AI 2022, AI-generated clip art, reducing waste with ML, and more!

Tesla's AI Day Was a Success

LWiAI Podcast #109 -Tesla Bot, Text-to-Video, Speech-to-Text, AI Voices Darth Vader

Last Week in AI #188: Google's Imagen Text-to-Video Model, slow progress in self-driving cars, AI's role in chess scandal, and more!

Last Week in AI #187: Tesla's Optimus Bot, Limiting Facial Recognition in the US, DALL-E for video, and more!

Last Week in AI #186: OpenAI's new speech-to-text AI, Nvidia's generative model for realistic 3D object, Ukrainian AI startup to produce the voice of Darth Vader, and more!

Last Week in AI #185: PyTorch to be governed by Linux Foundation, FTC to regulate unfair AI use, Censorships in Chinese image-making AI, and more!

Last Week in AI #184: Uber Eats to Deliver with Nuro Cars, AI helping students to cheat, Apple applies AI in health and accessibility, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #108 - Undiagnosable Cancers, Robot Sales, Decoding Brain Activity, AI Music

More Claims that AI is Sentient are (Probably) Coming

Last Week in AI #183: AI to decode speech from brain activity, DALL-E can now draw bigger images, AI to assess mental well-being of children, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #107 -Surgery Outcomes, Accent Removal, Archeological Dating, Deepfakes

Can We Use AI to Communicate With Animals?

Last Week in AI #182: AI for text-to-video, Tesla's new Dojo AI supercomputer, state of AI policies, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #106 -Animal Speech, AI Pilot, Wrongful Arrest, Redesigning Streets

Last Week in AI #181: AI trash-sorting robot, China's rules on public transport self driving, AI to predict flashovers in fires, and more!

In the Era of Large Language Models, What's Next for AI Chatbots ?

Last Week in AI #180: Meta's troubled chat bot, AI in femtech, Science AI's reproducibility crises, and more!

Last Week in AI #179: AI to save threatened species, ace university math, talk to animals, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #105 - Sepsis Detection, Midjourney, Submarines, DALL-E 2 Food

The AI Scaling Hypothesis

Last Week in AI #178: Google Is Selling AI to Israel, facial recognition ban in New Orleans, AI for Lego Instructions, and more!

Last Week in AI #177: OpenAI commercializes DALL-E 2, Sony AI beats human competitors in racing game, Gmail getting smarter searches, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #104 - Cruise Outages, Robots for Forestry, BigScience’s BLOOM, EU AI Act

Last Week in AI #176: Drones beat human pilots in first fair race, better call quality with AI, how artists view AI-generated art, and more!

Last Week in AI #175: Cruise Car Outages, AI-generated influencers, AI regulations in Europe, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #103 - Age Checks, Theft Prevention, Minecraft AI, Autism, Responsible AI

Last Week in AI #174: Cerebras sets record for largest AI model on one device, open source large language model, robotaxis paralyzed, and more!

Last Week in AI #173: AI learns to do tasks in Minecraft, Instagram AI scans faces for age verification, Amazon launches AI pair programming tool, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #102 - Nonsense Sentience, Condemning GPT-4chan, DeepFake Bans, CVPR Plagiarism

LaMDA’s Sentience is Nonsense - Here’s Why

Last Week in AI #172: Controversy over Google's "sentient" chatbot, DALL-E Mini goes viral, Reddit bans deepfakes sub, AI to improve video calls, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #101 - GPT-4chan, ’Sentient’ AI, Tesla Crash Probe, BIG-bench, DALL-E mini

Last Week in AI #171: Clearview AI in Ukraine, AI to translate Hieroglyphics, AI for automatically dubbing videos, and more!

100th Episode! Depression, Energy Grid, MRI, Astronomy, DALLE Logos, AI Music Video

Last Week in AI #170: Tricking autonomous vehicles with phantom obstacles, AI to track and prevent deforestation, Google limits deepfakes in Colab, and more!

Drone Mail Delivery, Human-Robot Teamwork, Toxic Speech Dataset, Robot Companions

Last Week in AI #169: Royal Mail will deliver with drones, backdoors in deep learning, AI for weather forecasts, and more!

Autonomous Boats, DeepMind’s General AI, Google’s DALLE-2, Cringe AI Novel

Last Week in AI #168: Autonomous cargo ships, how AI is used in Hollywood, AI to search for guns in public, and more!

Russia May Have Used Autonomous Drones. Now What?

New Google AI Features, Enzyme Discovery, Clearview AI Ban, Kendric Lamar Deepfakes

Last Week in AI #167: Enzyme developed with AI to decompose plastic, Hugging Face reaches $2 billion valuation, new ambitious EU AI Act, and more!

FDA Clearances, Firing at Google AI, AI for Apple Watch, AI Reviews Beer and Wine

Last Week in AI #166: New methods to detect deepfakes, AI for smarter farming, AI to detect heart problems from Apple Watch, and more!

AI Kills Cookie Pop-Ups, Models Volcanoes, Screens for Child Neglect, Paints Harry Potter

Last Week in AI #165: AI helps model volcanoes, Anthropic gets $580M for more explainable AI, AI algorithms that screen for child neglect, and more!

Foundation Models and the Future of Multi-Modal AI

AI Driving Instructors, MASSIVE Speech Dataset, AI ’Show Stealers’, Tesla Jet Crash

Last Week in AI #164: AI uses in government surveillance, AI teaches human drivers, actors union opposes AI actors, and more!

Chip Startup Funding Doubled, Google Text+Image Search, Analog AI, Criminal Robotaxi

Last Week in AI #163: AI chip startup funding doubled in the last 5 years, AI saves lives in hospitals, robots brew coffee, robotaxi pulled over by police in SF, and more!

OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, Google’s PaLM, AI Intel in Ukraine, Hugging Robots

Kamikaze Drones in Russia’s War Against Ukraine Point to Future "Killer Robots"

Last Week in AI #162: OpenAI DALL-E 2 generates amazing images, Google's 540 billion parameters language model, Clearview AI branches out beyond police, and more!

Last Week in AI #162: OpenAI DALL-E 2 generates amazing images, Google's 540 billion parameters language model, Clearview AI branches out beyond police, and more!

Last Week in AI #161: AI improves algae for biofuel and carbon capture, more AI decision-making in the military, and more!

DeepMind Mafia, DishBrain, PRIME, ZooKeeper AI, Instant NeRF

Last Week in AI #160: Super fast 3D perception from Nvidia, Ukraine uses face recognition to identify dead Russian soldiers, US-China AI collaboration drops, and more!

AI for Algorithms, Chemical Weapons, Zelenskyy Deepfake, Border Control

Last Week in AI #159: AI discovers lethal molecules, Deepfake of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, All-MLP AI model is fast and efficient, and more!

Redefining "Inventor"- Should AI Systems be Granted Patents?

Deepfakes for Politicians, AI Propaganda, Operation Safety Net, Understanding Pigs

Last Week in AI #158: AI to detect problematic gambling, police surveillance of protestors, low-cost way to tune large AI models, and more!

A Summary of Concerns About Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Product

AI-Developed Drug, AI Beats Moore’s Law, Russia’s AI Army, Baidu’s Robotaxis

Last Week in AI #157: Russia's AI-powered weapons, AI to prevent robocalls, concerns about EU's narrow definition of AI, and more!


AI flirts, controls a fusion reactor, unmasks Q, draws Pokémon

Last Week in AI #156: DeepMind applies AI to nuclear fusion reactors, Texas sues Meta over facial recognition, SenseTime expands into manufacturing, and more!

Neural nets are not "slightly conscious," and AI PR can do with less hype

AI for Ancient Languages, MoviePass 2.0 has Eye Tracking for Ads, AI Makes Pulpy Sci Fi Covers

Last Week in AI #155: New way for AI to see in 3D, AI helps translating ancient languages, lawmakers pressure Feds to stop using Clearview AI, and more!

Generating AI Art from Text with Google Colab

IBM Watson’s and ZIllow’s AI Failures, DeepMind’s Alphacode, GPT-NeoX-20B, AI Valentine’s Cards

Last Week in AI #154: Light-based AI chips, DeepMind AI for competitive coding, EU and US AI regulations, and more!

OpenAI’s InstructGPT, Meta’s New AI Supercomputer, China Regulates DeepFakes, AI Plays Tetris

Last Week in AI #153: OpenAI's InstructGPT is less-toxic than GPT-3, Meta to build fastest AI supercomputer, Deepfake regulations across the world, and more!

AI and the Metaverse

How AI-Powered Robots Fulfill Your Online Orders

Last Week in AI #152: Self-driving trucks in Texas, AI fighter pilots, robots to help in nursing staff shortage, and more!

AI for Omicron, Self-Farming Farms, AI-designed beer, Robo-Dogs and Cuddly AI

Last Week in AI - an update, a message, and a small request

Last Week in AI #151: AI early warning system for new Covid-19 variants, increased federal spending on facial recognition, AI used to detect fake art

The Messy History of Facial Recognition Company Clearview AI

Last Week in AI #150: Cuddly robo-dogs, self-farming farms, AI-crafted craft beer recipes

Looking Back at AI in 2021 with Jeremie from Towards Data Science

Last Week in AI #149: AI enables brain interface for robot control, Deep Learning suffers from overinterpretation