Sitemap - 2023 - Last Week in AI

AI News in 2023: a look back

Last Week in AI #251: AI dataset scandal, Anthropic to defend users from copyright lawsuits, Midjourney V6 launches, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #148 - Imagen 2, Midjourney on web, FunSearch, OpenAI ‘Preparedness Framework’, campaigning voice clone

Last Week in AI #250: Microsoft's Phi-2, Mistral's Mixtral 8x7b, efficient sequence with Mamba, $24 Deepfakes disrupting Bangladesh's election, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #147 - Google’s Gemini, EU AI Act Deal, Mixtral of Experts, Meta’s ‘Seamless’ translator

LWiAI Podcast #146 - ChatGPT’s 1 year anniversary, DeepMind GNoME, Extraction of Training Data from LLMs, AnyDream

Last Week in AI #249: Alphabet unveils long-awaited Gemini AI model, E.U. reaches deal on landmark AI regulation bill, and more!

Last Week in AI #248: ChatGPT's 1st birthday, Amazon's new AI chatbot Q, the energy cost of generative AI, Sam Altman makes statement after return, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #145 - OpenAI’s Q*, Claude 2.1, Stable Video Diffusion, Starling-7B, Orca 2, international agreements

Last Week in AI #247: Sam Altman returns to OpenAI, Cruise CEO resigns, Stability releases video diffusion models, Underage workers are labeling AI data, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #144 - OpenAI CEO UN-FIRED, Cruise founders quit, Meta video editing, LLMs can lie, policy updates

LWiAI Podcast #143 - OpenAI CEO FIRED, Cruise halts driving, xAI’s Grok, DeepMind defines AGI, actor strike over

Last Week in AI #246: OpenAI fires CEO Sam Altman, UnitedHealth AI faces lawsuit over elderly care denial, DeepMind defines AGI, YouTube's AI music tools, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #142 - Humanoid Robots, Video-To-Text, Habitat 3.0, Cruise troubles, data poisoning

Last Week in AI #245: OpenAI Dev Day, Gen AI's impact on white-collar jobs, EU's AI Act negotiations stall, Humane's wearable AI assistant, and more!

Last Week in AI #244: Biden Issues Executive Order to Create A.I. Safeguards, global AI risk management at UK summit, OpenAI's ChatGPT goes 'Voltron-style', Musk's Grok bot spices up AI, and more!

Last Week in AI #243: CA revokes Cruise's self-driving license, Jina v2 embedding model outperforms OpenAI, White House's new AI rules, Artists fight back against Gen AI with Nightshade, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #141 - Adobe AI upgrades, Ernie 4.0, TimeGPT, No Fakes Act, AI drones

Last Week in AI #242: Amazon deploys humanoid robots, State of AI Report 2023, Adept releases Fuyu-8B multimodal model, real-time 4k 3D videos, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #140 - Yasa-1, Waymo expands, scaling robot learning, AI watermarks

Last Week in AI 241: Adobe's push for AI integration, Big Tech struggling to make AI profitable, AI audio swarms TikTok, US-China tensions over AI exports, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #139 - Multimodal ChatGPT, Meta chatbots, AMD GPUs, bipartisan AI bill, WGA deal

Last Week in AI #240: Making LLMs interpretable, a generative video model for self-driving cars, Stability's new LLM that runs on personal devices, the biggest robotics dataset yet, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #138 - DALLE-3, YouAgent, Gemini, NExT-GPT, AI book labeling

Last Week in AI #239: Mistral AI's free LLM 🤖, Hollywood's AI deal 🎬, OpenAI faces another lawsuit from authors 📚, and a bipartisan 'light-touch' AI bill in the works 🏛️, and more!

Last Week in AI #238: OpenAI's DALL-E 3, DeepMind's AI self-optimization breakthrough 🚀, LLMs struggle with logical symmetry 🔄, Teachers embrace generative AI in classrooms 🏫, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #137 - Salesforce Copilot, Chip Crunch, Meta Rival to ChatGPT, AI for paralysis patients

Last Week in AI #237: Salesforce's AI assistant takes flight 🚀, California puts brakes on driverless trucks 🚛, Adobe rewards AI trainers 💰, and more!

Last Week in AI #236: Pentagon's AI fleet against China, Imbue's $200M boost for reasoning AI, AI sex worker ads invade social media, Anthropic's paid plan for Claude, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #136 - Claude Pro, Ideogram, Chinese ChatGPT bots, Falcon 180B, RLAIF, export restrictions, Ghostwriter

LWiAI Podcast #135 - Google AI Subscription, ChatGPT Enterprise, Nvidia’s Q2, Consciousness, DeepFake watermark

Last Week in AI #235: Google's Duet AI invades Workspace, AI21 Labs hits $1.4B valuation, OpenAI's ChatGPT goes enterprise, Driverless cars face a bumpy road

AI and Existential Risk - Overview and Discussion

Last Week in AI #234: Nvidia's moat in AI chips, State of AI Q2'23, Meta's new coding AI, DeepMind's algorithm to improve LLMs by themselves, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #134 - Text-to-Speech, Gartner Hype Cycle, AI2 OLMo, AlphaStar Unplugged, China Regulations, AI Porn Marketplace

Last Week in AI #233: Gen AI at peak of inflated expectations, NYT bans AI vendors from scraping its data, FEC may limit AI political ads before 2024, Hollywood boosts Gen AI spend amid strikes!

LWiAI Podcast #133 - ChatGPT multi-document chat, CoreWeave raises $2.3B, AudioCraft, ToolLLM, Autonomous Warfare

Last Week in AI #232: Victims of false facial recognition matches, White House launches AI-based security contest, Spotify launches AI DJ globally, bots solve captchas better than humans, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #132 - FraudGPT, Apple GPT, unlimited jailbreaks, RT-2, Frontier Model Forum, PhotoGuard

Last Week in AI #231: AI brain implant restores movement in quadriplegic man, probe into how investment firms use AI, studios replacing movie extras with AI, Meta's AI chatbot, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #131 - ChatGPT+ instructions, Microsoft reveals pricing for AI, is ChatGPT getting worse over time?

Last Week in AI #230: Language models making robots smarter, AI to optimize emissions of diesel trains, NYC using AI to detect fare evasion, and more!

Job Cuts Due to AI: What to Make of Them?

LWiAI Podcast #130 - Llama 2, Elon Musk’s xAI, WormGPT, LongLLaMA, AI apocalypse, actors on strike

Last Week in AI #229: Authors petition to remove books from AI training data, mixed reports of ChatGPT performance degradation, and more!

How In-Context Learning Emerges

Last Week in AI #228: Hospitals testing Google's medical AI chatbot, Elon Musk's new X.AI company, 65% AI startups have immigrant founders, Claude 2 w/ 100k context length, and more!

Last Week in AI #227: NYC adopts anti-bias AI hiring law, EU and Japan to partner in AI chips and de-risk from China, ChatGPT traffic slows, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #129 - AI Clippy, lots of AI funding, Ernie 3.5, RoboCat, AI act, Adobe AI indemnity clause

AI Fuels the Writers Strike with Concerns for Job Security

LWiAI Podcast #128 - generative search, GPU black market, GPT-4's Secret, Sam Altman’s World Tour

Last Week in AI #226: OpenAI lawsuits, NASA to explore AI on spaceships, OpenAI vs. Microsoft, generated content flooding the Internet, and more!

AI in Art, Music and Expressionism

Last Week in AI #225: ByteDance buys $1 billion of Nvidia GPUs, US State Department to use AI to for contracts, open-source and commercially permissive LLaMA, AI is infiltrating crowd work, and more!

Decoding the Discussion: In the Senate AI Hearing, Uncertainty Speaks Louder than Consensus

LWiAI Podcast #127 - Chatbot dating app, AI at work, RedPajama 7B, tons of research, workers most worried that A.I.

Last Week in AI #224: EU's landmark AI regulation, AI used to voice John Lennon in last Beatles record, Meta's new voice synthesis AI, and more!

Last Week in AI #223: DeepMind optimizes sorting, Bard writes code, Adobe Express Gets Generative AI, ChatGPT job woes, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #126 - Few have tried ChatGPT, Baidu’s $145M AI fund, AI job culling, OpenAI grant program

Last Week in AI #222: AI leaders warn against ‘risk of extinction’, America's 2024 election and AI, AI in Minecraft, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #125 - Nvidia tools for game devs, TikTok’s Tako, PandaGPT and Gorilla, Voyager, early warning system for AI risks

LWiAI Podcast #124 - AI in Windows and Photoshop, Nvidia makes $$$, DragGAN, Fake Pentagon Explosion

Last Week in AI #221: Microsoft brings AI to Windows, Adobe adds generative AI to Photoshop, Meta introduces speech-to-text and text-to-speech for 1k+ languages, and more!

Last Week in AI #220: Neeva shuts down AI search, EU's proposed laws would ban open source LLMs, generative AI and the writer's strike, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #123 - Delete your info from ChatGPT, Google’s AI plans, EU act targets OSS, PaLM 2, writers’ strike

Last Week in AI #219: Google's new slate of generative AI products, Meta unveils generative ads, effects of US sanctions on Chineses AI firms, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #122 - AI for Word and Excel, leaked Google memo, ImageBind, LLAva, robot soccer, Midjourney 5.1

Last Week in AI #218: Hinton warns of AI dangers ahead, rapid rise of AI-produced music, AI chatbots can now run locally on old computers, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #121 - Top researcher leaves Google, trademarking ”GPT”, Stability AI’s new models, 50% of AI ’Catastrophe’, DrakeGPT

Last Week in AI #217: Generative AI and the First Amendment, robots dribble + catch + balance, AI video-to-video on your phone, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #120 - GigaChat + HuggingChat, a LOT of research, EU Act passed, #promptography

Last Week in AI #216: Video-generating AI based on Stable Diffusion, Stack Overflow to charge for LLM training data, Google combines Google Brain and DeepMind, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #119 - Open Source GPTs, X.AI, Auto-GPT, China’s Censorship of AI

Last Week in AI #215: Fully open ChatGPT alternative, Google's AI product plans, AI remains nonpartisan, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #118 - Anthropic vs OpenAI, AutoGPT, RL at Scale, AI Safety, Memeworthy AI Videos

Last Week in AI #214: AI chatbots' security risks, Canada opens probe into OpenAI, the 2023 AI Index Report, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #117 - Google’s Bard Rush, BloombergGPT, ChatGPT King, Balenciaga Harry Potter

Last Week in AI #213: US police used Clearview AI 1 million times, Bing Chatbot gets ads, Midjourney ends free trials due to abuse, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #116 - ChatGPT plugins, AI hardware, petition to pause AI, Trump deepfakes

Last Week in AI #212: Bard is underwhelming, ChatGPT gets plug-ins, MidJourney v5 is out, DeepFakes get wrose

LWiAI Podcast #115 - GPT4, Bard, AGI, Alpaca, Anthropic, Midjourney V5

Last Week in AI #211: GPT-4 is here, more LLMs released, Microsoft and Google integrate AI in products

Last Week in AI #210: Open Source ChatGPT, Meta's LLM leaks online, new funding round for Skydio

LWiAI Podcast #114 - ChatGPT applications, Claude, PALM-E, OpenAI criticism, AI-generated spam

Don't "Plan for AGI" Yet

Last Week in AI #209: ChatGPT API, ChatGPT's new rival, generative AI continues to make waves, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #113 - Nvidia’s 10k GPU, Toolformer, AI alignment, John Oliver

Celebrating 10k subscribers

Last Week in AI #208: OpenAI's plan for AGI, generative voice broke into bank account, AI-Human romances, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #112 - Bing Chat Antics, Bio and Mario GPT, Stopping an AI Apocalypse, Stolen Voices

Last Week in AI #207: Bing Chat's troubled beta tests, generative AI for Roblox, backslash against Apple using voice actor data, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #111 - Mostly ChatGPT Again, plus Google’s Bard, Climate Change, AI Seinfeld

Last Week in AI #206: Microsoft adds ChatGPT to Bing, responses from Google, Meta, Alibaba, and more!

Last Week in AI #205: How AI is going modular, growing legal cases against generative AI, tools to detect AI-generated text, and more!

LWiAI Podcast #110 - ChatGPT, ChatGPT, ChatGPT, and some other stuff

Last Week in AI #204: Google's GPT3 for music, Buzzfeed embraces AI, a new video from Boston Dynamics, and more!

Last Week in AI #203: ChatGPT's new rival, generative AI continues to make waves, new concerns about Deepfakes and more!

The Impact and Future of ChatGPT

Last Week in AI #202: Generative models for protein discovery and voice imitation, Japan is trying to automate elder care, and more!

Last Week in AI #201: How self-driving cars can help rural America, AI as national infrastructure, human art mistaken for AI art, and more!

Last Week in AI #200: A Review of AI in 2022